• Positioning patent strategies now
    so that your business exceeds expectations tomorrow
    IP Strategists
  • Top-Ranked Law Firm
    #1 in nation for allowance rate in
    Tech Center 2600
    Near Top 100 in nation for number of yearly
    patent grants
    Top 5 in nation for allowance rate in
    Tech Center 2100
  • Top-Ranked Lawyers
    Multiple attorneys in the firm have received a variety of awards, including:
    - IAM300 (World's top IP Strategists)
    - SuperLawyers
    - Top 40 Under 40
    - Avvo "10" Ranking
  • Cutting Edge
    Creating patents that thrive under today’s laws
    not just yesterday’s
  • Licensing Experts
    Transforming patents from
    corporate wallpaper
    to effective business tools
    and revenue streams

Zilka-Kotab tailors a patent strategy to your business, and then executes by procuring patents that are built to withstand the challenges of our times

And we do not stop there - we follow you and your growing business at each step, putting your strategically-procured patents to work along the way


Prime Location

Our First Street headquarters, located in the 30,000+ square foot Zilka-Kotab building, is conveniently located near the Silicon Valley Satellite Office of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on Fourth Street in San Jose.

We are pleased that the USPTO has selected our neighborhood for this honor. Our proximity to the Satellite Office provides unparalleled access to the local Patent Examiners, thereby providing even greater value and service to our clients.

Many are teamed up with leaning on excited about Zilka-Kotab...

Our clients range from large international corporations to start-ups and prolific inventors.