Simon Ford


Simon is a registered Patent Attorney who specializes in strategic patent application preparation and prosecution. He has a decade of experience focusing on strategic and efficient patent preparation, prosecution, and portfolio management while working in conjunction with in-house counsel.

He has drafted hundreds of patent applications covering a wide variety of technologies, including hardware and software architecture, cloud-based multi-tenant applications, computer networks and communications systems, antivirus implementation and application, graphics processing, processor design and electronic circuits, enterprise technologies, interface development, and large-scale data management.

He has drafted thousands of office action responses and implemented successful appeals, and regularly performed strategic target identification, analysis, and prosecution to diversify and enhance client’s patent portfolios.

He is well-versed at planning and conducting productive and successful Examiner Interviews on a regular basis, is proficient in performing detailed prior art searches as well as diagram drafting using Microsoft Visio, and has provided analysis and litigation support for large clients, including patent infringement and validity determinations.